I started the photo very early. I photographed my surroundings by doing as many portraits as I did landscapes and using film like Polaroid.

I studied photography alternately, working in a photo lab where I practiced black and white printing on an enlarger.

Still on a work-study basis 2 years later, I worked in a photo agency under the name of Rue des Archives, a French agency that works with the press, publishing, communication agencies, internet and television, among others. The origin of the agency is the photographic background of the Agip agency. http://www.rue-des-archives.com/fr/login 

In 2004, after my photography studies, I became a laboratory assistant at Photo Service. Then in 2005, I then worked both at KCS press as an iconographer (photographic press agency which covers people, social, political and artistic news, http://www.kcspresse.com/ ) and in a watch company information both part-time, then I spend full time in the information monitoring company where I still work today as a team leader, manager.

I work with polaroids, film, and digital. I also like to rework the images, even if some series remain raw, others will go through transformations, restructurings.

I do plastic work, especially on my Polaroid photos that I rework to take them out of their usual context and present them in other forms, formats or media. I like the reprint work on high quality paper, on which I add for some series paint, stickers, ink or any other creative technique.

The idea is to recycle the original polaroid, to dissect it and sometimes to cut it into different pieces to take it out of its context, its usual state and present it on ever more original media. I therefore meticulously research anything that could accompany and enrich the image.

My research is daily, I never stop creating and feeding my subjects.

It is the poetry that characterizes my images, suspended moments that I most often immortalize in black and white.


Online Galleries:
-Artphotolimited : www.artphotolimited.com/galerie-photo/audrey-photographe 
-Objectif Editions (gallery in Ixelles, municipality of Brussels): www.objectif-editions.com/
-Cluster London : www.cluster-london.com/audrey-borgel-2022-photography-fair-exhibitor

Editeur UK :
-Snap Collective : shop.snap-collective.com/products/polaroids-by-audrey-borgel 


In 2023, Instant Arles, July, 11-16, Arles
In 2023, Instant Cologne/Bonn, May 12-14, Allemagne
In 2023, Polaroiders Venise, April 29-312023, Venise, Italie
In 2023, Galerie Héloïse, Pola Pluriel, March 31- April 29 2023, Paris
In 2023, Polaroid Festival paris, 24-26 March, Paris
In 2023, Polaroiders, 3-5 February, Bologna, Italy
In 2022, InstantArtParis 2022, 11-13 November, Iconoclastes Gallery, Paris
In 2022, Iso600 International Instant Exhibition, 7-9 October, Bologna, Italy
In 2022, Arles Exhibition Off - Instant Arles, A Space for Photography,15 Rue des Arènes, Arles,
In 2022, EXP.22,International Festival on Experimental Photography Barcelona.
In 2022, Instant Cologne May 2022, International Instant Art Expo, The Stage Gallery, Allemagne.      
In 2022, Open Bach, Festival Expolaroid April 2022, Paris 11ème
In 2022, Safe Urban Concept, 7 visions artistes, expositions collectives, Paris    
In 2022, Cluster Photography Fair, 3-6 March, Londres                                                                    
In 2022, Galerie 59 Rivoli, February 2022, 59 rue de Rivoli, Paris
In 2021, InstantArtParis November 2021, Iconoclastes Gallery, 20 Rue Danièlle Casanova, Paris
In 2021, Instant Cologne 2021, International Instant Art Expo, The Stage Gallery, Allemagne.
In 2021, EXP.21,International Festival on Experimental Photography Barcelona.
In 2020, Gallery Art.C as part of the Festival Expolaroid october 2020, Paris 11th.
In 2020, EXP.20, International Festival on Experimental Photography Barcelona.
In 2020, InstantArtArles 2020, (August 3-8, 2020), Galerie des Arénes, Arles. (canceled COVID-19)
In 2020, Instant Cologne 2020, International Instant Art Expo, Germany. (canceled COVID-19)
In 2019, Galerie Joseph, InstantArtParis, 51 Rue de Turenne, Paris.
In 2019, at the Guell workshop, Polaroid Festival, Barcelona.
In 2019, Polaroids exhibition at Atelier53 in Vanves.
In 2019, Galerie L'Open Bach as part of the Festival Expolaroid Paris 13ème.
In 2019, DOCK B as part of the Expolaroid Festival in Pantin.
In 2018, Invitation to the Saint Mard 77 Photo Club exhibition, presentation of the Polaroids.
In 2018, giant European Biennial, "L’été des portraits" in Bourbon-Lancy (throughout the summer).
In 2018, Espace Beaurepaire, Polaroid Festival, Paris 10th.
In 2018, International Photo Fair in Bièvres.
In 2018, Galerie Aab-artists' workshops in Belleville, "Histoire d´un instant", Paris 20th district.
In 2017, collective exhibition, Private sale "Les Petites Serres", 18 rue Larrey, Paris 5th.
In 2017, International Photo Fair in Bièvres.
In 2016, International Photo Fair in Bièvres.
In 2014, CIDJ de la Tour Eiffel, “concrete abstraction (s)”.
In 2012, month of photography at the “Art Ligre” Gallery, Paris 12th arrondissement.
In 2011, Galerie Communic-Art on the series "Faces",
In 2002, photos of landscapes and portraits, city of Houilles, 78.