Radiography of a Polaroid

Presented in homemade poster holders, placed on school projectors or presented in old frames,
we can examine the inside of the Polaroid and compare it with its original.
Like a giant negative or an X-ray.
Moreover the anagram of Polaroid can be radio.
Seeing through, contemplating the polaroid otherwise as if we were examining it.
The sets are reversed and overturned to open from the inside.
The photos used are those of the series: “Once upon a time there were trees”:
I like its flowing lines and its graphic representation.
Although obviously symbolic, the tree simply attracts with its natural beauty,
from the lowest part to the peaks.
Its forms are poetic and inspire appeasement, calm.
When we walk among them, we hear the emptiness.
Each species or family has a particular shape and structure of branches, the tree grows towards the light and if it cannot, it will always circumvent for the sole purpose of flourishing.